‘If you encourage others to THINK OUT OF THE BOX, you yourself should ACT OUT OF THE BOX’

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Out of the Box is cancelling its spring edition 2019.
Do you remember? Why we started Out of the Box, the trade fair for jewellery and watches, in the first place? Because we wanted to be different. We wanted to initiate real changes in the market.

The big change
We are proud of the editions that we organised so far! However, our market is changing rapidly, as you have surely noticed. We believe that changing and evolving at the same pace, is now crucial for us, the event and our participants and visitors. It is imperative that we go out of the box and create a whole new concept.

How we plan to do this
We are saying goodbye to the concept we successfully rolled out in 2017 and 2018 and therefore there will be no spring edition of Out of the Box this year. We like to step off the beaten path and making bold decisions is one way of doing so.
To empower the much needed changes, we purposely did not make minor changes to the existing concept. Instead we are making a statement and write a whole new chapter.

Why now?
This decision was not taken lightly. In the past months, we conducted extensive research, both qualitative and quantitative to answer the question: ‘What does our sector really need?’

We commissioned two different organisations to independently carry out two different studies. The results clearly showed that the development of a truly innovative retail event is the right decision.

Not a traditional trade fair, but an inspiring and optimistic event that focuses on chances and opportunities. An event that steps outside the traditional boundaries of our sector, perfectly in line with the developments in the world of retail, bringing together new players and consumers.

We will be launching this new concept for the autumn of 2019 during the week of the 25th February. We can’t wait to share it with you and we look forward to giving you more details and information very soon!


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